Footprint Media Holdings Corporation

Global Media Innovators

Footprint Media Holdings Corporation is a diversified digital media and technology company specializing in advanced digital entertainment and innovative online applications. With a reach of over 1 billion households worldwide, our focus is to foster communities of both consumers and businesses around shared media experiences.

Footprint Media brings a unified commitment to excellence to our entire family of business entities: 3D High TV, 4K High TV. Our unwavering dedication to creating top-quality digital experiences together with world class technological innovation has allowed us to successfully grow into a global media company.

Headquartered in New York, and an office in Hong Kong, we strive to provide, create, distribute and engage audiences around the world with our unique digital media products and experiences.

8K Productions
The Next Generation of Premium Content

Thanks to our world class production capacities, Footprint Media Holdings will unveil the largest native 8K library with more than 50 hours each year of premium native 8K programming in genres such as: Travel, Nature, Fashion, Fitness, Cooking, Animation, Drama, Movies and Sports Programs.

For the first time in the growing field of 8K Television, viewers will enjoy easy access to a wide spectrum of 8K content. Not only for early adopters, anyone who loves television will embrace the opportunity to receive the next generation of breathtaking 8K content which greatly surpasses anything currently available on the market.

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Television As You’ve Never Seen It Before

High 4K is the First International 24/7 Ultra High Definition Entertainment Channel that features a unique mix of Travel, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sport and original Content in full 4K resolution.

High 4K brings to the market worldwide production capacity at scale. We will unveil the largest 4K VOD library in the World with more than 100 hours each year of premium 4K programs in genres such as: Travel, Cooking, Animation, Drama, Movies and top tier Hollywood content.

Captivating Experiences From the Forefront of Emerging Technologies

Our proprietary equipment, installations and elite production teams allow us to craft and distribute the world’s finest 3D experiences. With a reach of over 1 billion households, we are able to broadcast using digital workflow MPGE-4 compression, DVB-S2 Broadcast standard without blinking an eye.

Our filming equipment was specially created to ensure an extremely high color and distance separation, thus guaranteeing an unparalleled image quality that far surpasses other providers.


Together let’s grow your business

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