Footprint Media Holdings benefits from Large production capacities Worldwide and will unveil the largest native 8K Library with more than 50 hours each year of premium native 8K programs,such as: Travel,Nature,Fashion,Fitness, Cooking shows, Animation, Drama series,Movies and Sport Programs.

For the first time in the growing field of 8K Television, The viewers will have access to a wide spectrum of 8K content.Not only early adopters, but anyone who loves Television will embrace the opportunity to receive the level of content which they have become accustomed to, with the added bonus of the breathtaking 8K Experience.

Footprint Media Holdings Filming Equipment was specially created to ensure an extremely high color and distance , thus guaranteeing an unparalleled image quality.

Footprint Media Holdings team is constantly looking to the future,Continuing to develop EVEN BETTER Technology ,We are in ceaseless pursuit of the next new groundbreaking innovation To wow our viewers and make them stick around to see what comes next.