Leading TV and video infrastructure firms are lining up with the Cooperation of Footprint Media Holdings,an International entirely 8K Entertainment Channel and content supplier.
Footprint Media Holdings 8K Library features a unique mix of Movies,Travel,Entertainment, Extreme Sports,Fashion ,Lifestyle and original Shows in Native Ultra HD.
The company use its worldwide production capacities to unveil the largest native 8K VOD library in the world with more than 120 hours of premium native 8K programs,Movies, Travel Destinations, Cooking Shows, Animation, Drama Series, Reality Shows and Hollywood celebrities,available for any and all Devices Worldwide.

“Footprint Media aims to take 8K TV beyond the limited and local audiences it is currently geared towards,” said Justin Borrelo, Head of Business
Development, at Footprint Media. “By utilizing our Technology we are capable of taking our 8K programming to a global market, together with the Largest 8K Library with over 120 Hours of content”.